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Computing Engineering Degree


Fundamentals of Programming I. 1st Course.

Fundamentals of Programming II. 1st Course.

Information Systems. 1st Course.

Databases. 2nd Course.

Concurrent and Real Time Programming. 2nd Course.

Operating Systems I. 2nd Course.

Computer Science Professional Aspects. 3rd Course.

Databases Development. 3rd Course.

Requirements Engineering. 3rd Course.

Computer Science Forensics. 4th Course.

Software Systems Security. 4th Course.

Advanced Computing Technologies Master


Information Systems Testing and Securtity

Computing Engineering Master


Audit and Security Management

Management, Certification and Evaluation of Systems and Services

Other Universities


Quality and Audit (Computing Degree. 4º - Univ. Cantabria.)

Development of systems for decision support (Computing Engineering Master - Univ. Cantabria.)

Software Project Management (Computing Degree. 4º - Univ. Cantabria.)

Software Engineering I (Computing Degree. 3º - Univ. Cantabria.)

Software Engineering II (Computing Degree. 3º - Univ. Cantabria.)

Introduction to Software (Computing Degree. 1º - Univ. Cantabria.)