Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

· Security and privacy requirements models and engineering

· Security and privacy analysis methods and models

· Security and privacy design methods and models

· Security and privacy testing methods and models

· Security and privacy modelling Support Tools

· Integrating functional, security and privacy requirements

· Threat-driven and Model-driven security

· Secure IS interoperability modelling

· Security and process modelling

· Modelling Security and Trust

· Managing Secure Software development

· Security in Agile Software Development Methods

· Methodologies and models for evaluating IS security and privacy aspects

· Formal methods for modelling security

· Models and approaches for the verification of security and privacy properties

· Approaches for managing security changes in IS

· Component-based, Aspect-oriented, Agent-based, Pattern-based Information system Security methods

· Methods, models and tools for workflow and Business Process Security

· Case studies in modelling secure IS

· Security Architectures and Patterns for Information Systems

· Semantic Web Technologies applied to Security

· Ontologies for IS security

· Security Engineering for specific Information Systems (e-Services, databases, mobile, internet, social networks, ...)

· Security Engineering for SOA Systems

· Methods for security reengineering

· Software Security Knowledge

· Enterprise Software Security

The Second International Workshop on Information Systems Security Engineering - WISSE’12